About Ginette

Born in North Dorset, I grew up always involved in exercise and sports at school, and this continued into my adult life. I was an avid fan of training in the gym, long distance running and various exercise classes. In my mid-twenties this led me to consider retraining as a Personal Trainer, but the timing wasn't right (with other careers).

My husband and I moved from Kent to Christchurch in 2009 and we became parents in 2011 to our eldest son. I carried on training the way I had as a non-pregnant woman as I knew nothing of how to train safely as a pregnant mum. Subsequently, after giving birth, I exercised and trained as I had before my pregnancy, knowing nothing about abdominal separation and how I was probably doing more harm that good.

In 2013 I became pregnant with our second son. However, at the beginning of my third trimester I realised just how little information there was immediately available for pregnant women on exercising safely through the usual channels. After much research I found a superb specialist from New Zealand and started training through her. I learnt a huge amount that had such a marked effect on my pregnancy.

Finding this information made such a difference. It meant I could carry on training safely up to birth. The postnatal exercise programmes involved rehabilitation of the core first and foremost, before building up fitness levels and strength. Abdominal separation was something I didn't even know could occur or, indeed, needed healing. Consequently, the experience I had with my second son before, during and post-birth were absolutely superb due to the support and knowledge given to me during training.

This sparked my passion and led me to retrain and set up Lucina Fitness. Given how many women experience abdominal separation, I believe there is simply not enough basic information about the healing process and training before and after pregnancy. Core and pelvic floor rehabilitation, along with posture analysis, is key after birth to give strength back to the whole body. This is why I want to help, support and guide women with their exercise and rehabilitation through this very special time of their life.

I believe I can make a real difference to your journey through pregnancy and beyond, just as my journey was changed for the better. Please feel free to contact me to learn more.