Corporate Antenatal Classes

Lucina Fitness has a full programme, tailor-made to run pregnancy-specific exercise, during the day at your place of work.

The health of your pregnant employees is incredibly important.

With occupational health and human resources so key in today's business environment, why should your pregnant employees have to miss out on the benefits that training with Lucina Fitness can offer?

Pregnancy-specific exercise, which is hugely beneficial for expectant mothers, could also be similarly beneficial to your business. An employee who has had support and help throughout her pregnancy is likely to be more happy, with more energy and with less postural problems than someone left to train without the knowledge that Lucina Fitness can impart. This could lead to those employees taking less time off work due to pregnancy-related ill health, or returning to work earlier due to the support their employer has given them.

Lucina Fitness can come to your place of work and run a full exercise programme, for multiple employees, during the working day. This could be added as part of a benefits-in-kind package or simply something which a forward-thinking employer may wish to offer its workforce as a motivational tool. Either way, the benefits to your business would be substantial.

We would be happy to come and discuss this with you to see how it could be incorporated into your current structure, or indeed to gather a few of your employees and assess whether this is something they would benefit from in the workplace.

Please contact us to find out more.