Group Classes - Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise

Group classes run by Lucina Fitness are a fantastic, fun and sociable way of getting fit for your baby, or to start healing your body after your birth.

The most personalised group training classes you will find

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that our Group Classes are as tailored to each individual as we can. The reason we do not offer drop-in classes is so that Ginette can ensure that what she is teaching is right for each and every person in that class. Simply put, if an exercise needs adapting, or even if a whole group of exercises need adapting to ensure they are right for you, then we will do so. We gain this knowledge about you from our unique Initial Consultation, and from continued assessment of your body, even taking into account your mood when you enter the studio!

We believe this is the best and most personal way we can teach, and we are sure you won't find it anywhere else.

Each session is guaranteed to be an intimate class. You will benefit from being with other mums, or mums-to-be, in a relaxed and open environment, whilst training in the best possible way to ensure you and baby are as protected as possible.

When not in session, Ginette will provide email updates on nutrition, motivation, videos of exercises and releases and more. Should you need anything between classes, Ginette will be available to all clients to help whenever it is needed. Simply put, it is this complete wellness programme which makes us different and will make the real difference to you and your pregnancy.

Group classes are split into the following stages:

Energised Mumma-to-be - pregnancy exercise classes

C-Section Rehab - non-exercise rehabilitation classes from 6 weeks

Rehab & Relax - the initial classes post-birth

Fit, Strong Mumma - the follow-on classes from Rehab & Relax


A typical group class will involve:

  • Greetings and warm-up whilst finding out if there are any problems or questions from the past week
  • Exercises designed specifically for your stage of pregnancy or post-birth, to strengthen key areas and work on fitness
  • Warm-down and stretch
  • Discussions about nutrition and home workouts to get the best from the weekly sessions
  • Ongoing posture analysis and breathing techniques for connecting pelvic floor and transverse abdominals
  • Any other issues to be discussed

Any personal problems you wish to discuss can be shared privately should you prefer.

An Initial Consultation will be required. Please click here for details.

For details of pricing, please click here.

If you have any further questions, please see our FAQs or Get In Touch.