Group Class Pricing

Group Classes are held at the Lucina Fitness Studio and are priced at £10 per class payable in advance as detailed below.

All classes are charged the same for whatever stage of pregnancy or post-birth you are at, and for whatever class you join.

We appreciate there may be cheaper classes you could attend but we can promise you that this is the most personalised group class training you will find. We believe you and your baby are worth it!

Payment is made in half-termly blocks (usually 5, 6 or 7 weeks) to encourage clients to attend all sessions and to make the most of the knowledge that will be given to you over that period. If you miss a session we will do our best to accommodate you in another class that week but please note that credit is not given for missed classes. Please see our FAQs for more information.

Occasionally a Lucina Fitness holiday will occur. The usual attendees for that day will not be billed in their invoice for this holiday period. Please see our calendar for exact course dates and times.

We will happily create ad-hoc programmes during half-terms and holiday periods, if a number of clients would like them.

If you join a class part way through a term, you will only be charged based on how many weeks are left in that charge period.

Small, non-crawling babies will, of course, be welcome – we can't expect the wee ones to sit at home with a cup of tea awaiting your return!

An Initial Consultation will be required. Please click here for details.