Initial Consultation

Before you start any Group Classes or Personal Training with Lucina Fitness, we will need to complete our Initial Consultation.

This fully in-depth assessment helps us to tailor sessions based around your personal needs and medical requirements.

A unique, in-depth consultation starts your journey to becoming a Fit, Strong Mumma

During the Initial Consultation, which will last up to an hour and a half, you will be given a considerable amount of knowledge about your pregnant or postnatal body, how you should train and what you can expect during your time with Lucina Fitness.

We believe we are unique in offering such a deep Initial Consultation, even for Group Class clients, and it should be considered the first part of your journey to training the best way for this stage of your life!

Of course you would expect personalisation as a Personal Training client but this Initial Consultation allows us to personalise and fully adapt even our Group Classes so you know you are receiving the very best knowledge for you and your baby, whatever type of client you are. We believe you won't find this anywhere else.

After your consultation, Ginette will spend time looking at your personal circumstances, before creating your specific training programme to ensure everything is correct and safe for you and your baby. 

Training whilst pregnant is enjoyable and hugely beneficial both mentally and physically.

The cost of the Initial Consultation is a one-off fee of £45.

To start your journey with us please Contact Us to arrange your Initial Consultation.