Location & Times

Location and Times

All classes are held at the Lucina Fitness Studio at 17a Hurn Way, Christchurch, BH23 2NT

Term dates for classes:

  • Spring term 2018: 2nd January to 3rd February (finishes a week early due to Lucina Fitness holiday)
  • Spring term 2018: Mon 12th February to 1st April (excl. 10th March due to Dorset Bump 2 Baby Show)
  • Summer Term 2018: Sun 15th April to Sat 26th May
  • Summer Term 2018: Sun 3rd June to Sat 28th July (excl. 30th June to 7th July due to Lucina Fitness holiday)

Please see our calendar for exact course dates and times including any Lucina Fitness holidays.



10:00-11:00   Fit, Strong Mumma (follow on classes from Rehab & Relax)

11:15-12:15   Rehab & Relax (initial classes post-birth)

19:15-20:15   Energised Mumma-to-be (late pregnancy from 25 weeks)

20:20-21:20   Energised Mumma-to-be (early pregnancy to 25 weeks)


19:15-20:15   Rehab & Relax (initial classes post-birth)

20:20-21:20   Fit, Strong Mumma (follow on classes from Rehab & Relax)


13:30-14:30   Rehab & Relax (initial classes post-birth)


09:00-10:00   Energised Mumma-to-be (early pregnancy to 25 weeks)

10:05-11:05   Energised Mumma-to-be (late pregnancy from 25 weeks)


An Initial Consultation will be required. Please click here for details.