Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy Personal Trainer in Christchurch

Pregnancy Personal Trainer in Christchurch

Personal training with Lucina Fitness is the best way to ensure you are as healthy, fit and strong throughout your pregnancy as you can be.

You can join us and feel the benefits at any stage pre- or post-birth. You could even benefit if you are a number of years post-birth but are still having pregnancy related issues or simply feel like your training has never got back on track after giving birth.

Training tailored just for you and your body

As a new client, your exact needs and requirements will be taken into consideration in order to train for your body, your baby and your preferences.

Once we have established those needs, a full and personalised training programme will be created based on your stage of pregnancy, your pre-pregnancy fitness levels and how many sessions you wish to have.

At all stages as a PT client, you will have access to Ginette to discuss any problems, pains or even just to ask general questions about how you should be progressing. You will also have ongoing support for breathing techniques and continued postural analysis as your center of gravity changes throughout pregnancy. If you have any nutritional queries, we will be happy to discuss them.

Post-pregnancy, you will be assessed shortly after giving birth to see if you have any abdominal separation and this information will then be used to develop your personal training programme. This gives you the best chance to heal as quickly and as safely as possible, before continuing with more strength and resistance based exercises which will benefit you as a new mum.

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